"How You Make Others Feel About Themselves Says a lot about You" (Unknown)



Seeking Safety Treatment

For Addiction and Trauma, an evidence-based therapy developed to improve coping skills and strengthen stabilization, especially for those dealing with the often-co-occurring diagnoses of trauma and substance abuse.


Care Management


Care management facilitates the achievement of client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management, and service facilitation. Based on the needs and values of the client, and in collaboration with all service providers


Transgender Outreach Project -T.O.P


The T.O.P program works to serve our transwoman in the community by promoting safer sex practices providing condoms, lube and information to encourage safer sex. Having peer to peer conversations about health care and behavioral health the project promotes wellness and recovery through education, employment and peer support



A Women's Way Through the Twelve Steps

An illuminating view of how women understand and process the twelve steps . It is based on interviews with a diverse group of women and explores essential topics, such as spirituality, powerlessness, trauma, and the emergence of a woman’s sense of soul. For every woman who has felt that there are issues crucial to her recovery that just can’t be brought up in a mixed-gender meeting, this brings the perspective of women to the wisdom of the twelve steps. 


H.E.R for Women Coming Soon!

   Habilitation Empowerment Recovery

A holistic, Afrocentric, strength-based, and trauma-informed model that emphasizes a positive and engaging approach to treatment of African-American women, aged 18- 29, who are involved in the criminal justice system. 


CCAR Certified Recovery Coaches


   To minimize emotional stress and remove social and economic barriers and enable people to live a more satisfying, more autonomous, and more productive life. 





Auricular Acupuncture or Acu-Detox sessions can help reduce cravings, insomnia, drug dreams, anxiety and depression during addictions withdrawal, as part of prevention ,improve sleep, and alleviate aches and pains.



Relapse Prevention Group

 A relapse can’t be contained to one single event. It is an ongoing process that is experienced by a person in recovery and marked by significant red flags or warning signs. These warning signs can cause a person to return to their drug or alcohol abuse. A relapse prevention plan is a great tool that can be used to recognize and manage the warning signs of relapse and sustain a healthy, sober lifestyle. 


C & I Boutique

 Our clothing Boutique is dedicated in loving Memory of Missionary Carolyn Jackson-Jones she owned a thrift store in northeast Denver proving affordable clothing to women released from incarceration. With clothes shoes, purses and accessories along with the community resources a woman will need to help break the cycle of recidivism